What did I learn?

Here is a list of the things I learned this summer during my intern from the people there and also from my own experience.

  • If people do not approach you first doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want to talk to you (as I had always believed). In fact, almost everyone is interested in talking to new people and making new friends.
  • Work on your MS Office skills. No matter where you go, you’ll need them in some way or the other esp. Excel.
  • Body posture does play a important role. Agreed.
  • If you’re unsure about what do you want to do, try your hand at anything and everything to see if they work for you and strike off what doesn’t off your list. The sooner you do, the more time you get. I am considering applying for a trading firm intern for example. No, I know nothing about trading firms.
  • Giving your best is what matters in the end.
  • Only people who actually care for you are your parents. That’s it.
  • Eminem IS awesome. I don’t know why did I hate him all along. RECOVERY album gives me a different feeling altogether.
  • Quit worrying ’bout what they do and do Shady.
  • Always make your resume in PDF format since word files are subject to indentation modification from device to device.(Don’t make that “it’s obvious” face. Just saying)

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