Please be honest. Isn’t the title interesting ( or rather overly awesome for my blog)? Time to add a pinch of honesty from my side as well. I found this on Google  by searching “synonyms of rebuilding” and clicking on the fifth link. You shouldn’t complain though. You got to learn a new word. I guess that’s a good enough reason for you to keep reading my blogs. :P. But this post isn’t about that.

Out of all the movie genres, animated is one genre that I love absolutely. So much that when in class 5, our school took us to see Hanuman, I again paid for the tickets when I had already seen it with my parents. I guess I went partly because it was the first time our school took us out for a movie. Anyways, Yesterday I saw two animated movies that I wanted to watch but wasn’t getting the time/mood. Frozen and Ratatouille. Though they weren’t absolutely amazing, were worth the time beyond a doubt. But Kung Fu Panda still remains my all time favourite! Bottomline is: I am finally begining to develop my interest in movies again. \@/

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