Half Chicken Sandwich

Aghhh! Yet again. Why does it happen that when I try to put down something, I end coming up with nothing. All this turbulence in my head and  I can not focus on exactly one thing to describe. Let me try though. This is yesterday’s story of my half chicken sandwich. So, me and R were in the cafeteria. I ordered one chicken sandwich and a small limca while R ordered 2  samosas and coke. We had tried the chicken sandwich the day before. I had liked it while R had hated it’s cheese. So, I take a bite of the sandwich. It tastes the same as the day before. Suddenly three more people, let’s call them M, G and Y enter. You don’t need to be Sherlock to guess those names. I just don’t want to take any names here. While G and Y join me and R, M goes separately. All of a sudden, I start to feel in a weird sensation in  my stomach. Not something like a sad stomach, rather something like butterflies you get when you have an important exam or under high anxiety. So much that I wasn’t even able to bite the sandwich now. The reason? I don’t want to accept it primarily because it had never happened to me before. But then, you guessed it.

PS: I know my writing sucks. Just bear with me for some more time. Will you?

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