Winter Is Coming :)

// This has nothing to do with that Game of Thrones thing. I haven’t seen or read that series. I don’t know what all that fuss is about. Just saying!

Yet again it is that time of the semester when everyone in the campus catches up on their lovely sleep. Yes. We are talking about the end of Minor II exams. The misery is over yet again and this time, with Rendezvous approaching, I have some things planned on my to do list.

Anyways, tonight, as I was strolling around I noticed that the fog has already started setting in and it has started to get a little parky. Add to that the sound of some firecrackers courtesy some over excited Diwali enthusiasts. So, my favorite time of the year is coming :). Yes. I love winters more than even Autumn or Spring just because it has this Diwali season.Firstly because there aren’t any of those creepy lizards around for sometime. Not that I am afraid of them. Okay I am. But just a teensy bit. Okay more than just a teensy bit but definitely not a LOT. Anyways secondly, I love this atmosphere of lights and festivity around the city during this time and also because sleeping is waay more comfortable and refreshing.

Wishing You Happy Winters.


1. I saw both The Internship and I, Me Aur Main yesterday. A must and mustn’t watch respectively.

2. I just now found out that Saajna song is by Falak Shabir. I would love to see him this year at Rendezvous.

3. I am totally convinced that sleeping postures have a say in personality. Well, quite often. Not always. If you aren’t convinced, search Google for “sleeping positions and personality ” and use your experience to match against the images you obtain.

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