Charlie Brown

It’s been a while since I wrote a long post. Let’s try that this time. Long posts require much more patience, effort and umm etc.

I had a lab test of Digital Logic today which upon reaching the lab at 1:00 pm, we realized stood cancelled. I also had a quiz of Discrete Mathematics tomorrow which has been postponed to Saturday. In short it’s raining time which I am going to end up wasting. A couple of weeks ago, when I went home for the mid-semester break, I was with Nikhil and Anu when the following topic came up – What do you do all day? They both had an answer. Nikhil watches TV shows. He’s seen perhaps more TV shows than I would see in my entire life. No, seriously. Not that it is the best way to spend your time. Nor that I recommend this to him or anyone for that matter. In fact, I usually tell him that he should go down on this TV show fever and do something. But he point is – He knows what he’s doing with his time. Anu on the other hand watches TV shows a little more than normal but reasonably. I on the contrary have no fuckin’ idea! I mean, I am not a TV series fan. The only TV series I have seen till date are Sherlock, Prison Break (which I left after 3.5 seasons maybe owing to lack of HD quality) and Death Note and perhaps some episodes of BBT here and there. I am no fan of movies either though on a side note, I did end up watching some movies this past month. Off late I have also reduced my music dosage. Yes! True story. So, what I am pondering is where on earth does my time go?

I’ve been thinking about this since the past two weeks. All I end up with is a rough idea what I do on a day to day basis. So on working days, after classes which are usually labs, we (about a group of 5-6) after having some momos by the main gate come back to hostel. Then, I go and sit in some one else’s room. Someone comes in. Then another and so on till the room for two is filled with 7 or 8. There goes some random variable amount of time into fooling around. What happens in here is some leg pulling, 1 v/s many argument where the ‘1’ is usually Aman and stuff. This is followed by maybe dinner and me ending up surfing Quora or Facebook for a while when someone comes into my room and the cycle starts again. Only in small groups this time. Admittedly, I am completely voluntarily involved in all this, because all of it is fun but I am amazed at how much time goes by. Time spent even after this is highly dependent on my mental state which around the time of 12:00 AM – 2:00 AM is miscellaneous. Then we end up deciding who has to go to class tomorrow to sign on everyone else’s behalf and go back to bed if there is no good movie to watch. All this is fun but not exciting. Not that I am complaining.

With the majors approaching, I have this feeling of confidence I haven’t felt in ages, though I haven’t started any course yet! Anyways, I am feeling very positive these days. I don’t know if this is because of Charlie Brown or some other thing but, I feel  more mature, patient and emotionally stable. I might shamelessly give you a post on my awesomeness sometime later.


1. I improved my Spam Filter accuracy from 83% to 92%.

2. For those of you wondering about Charlie Brown –

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  1. aditilibra11 says:

    The line that describes my entire collage life ” In short it’s raining time which I am going to end up wasting”.Even though I laughed out so loud at this,I can understand how absolutely true it is.At 15 I didn’t know what procrastination meant,so I googled it,this was the first idea that popped up.So I’m still pretty much guilty of this even when I’m working 😀

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