Unusual Virus and Early Risings

So, about a couple of days ago, l had this impulse to install BlueStacks on my laptop. Not that it was of any great use, but what happened was that it brought with itself an unusual yet amazing virus. Here’s what it does. When you do a query on your browser with words such as “Virus”, “Malware”, “Spyware”, “Antivirus”, “Norton”, “Mcafee” etc, it automatically shuts the browser window and even the other open tabs!

It is also preventing any further anti-virus installations! My bad. I should have installed an anti-virus when my previous oné’s licence expired. At least it is a harmless virus to be infected with.


I realized that I can never wake up early. No way! So from now on, I am done sleeping with the hope of waking up early and will finish everything I have to do prior to sleep. Lets see how that works out.

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