Raining Hours

I didn’t sleep. I thought it would be better to wash my laundry. The machine was running continuously so after 3 – 4 attempts, I arrived in time before someone else put their laundry in the automatic washing machine. Wash program was for 45 minutes. So, I started watching Breaking Bad. Man it’s addictive. My roommate had left that night about around 9:00 PM. I was to leave the following morning around 10:00 AM. It was only when I saw the empty bed next to mine that I realized that all this was for real. The curtains have come down. The semester is  done for, time’s up and I have become 3/10th of a graduate now. Time is running too fast . A mere thought in this direction makes me sick to my knees . What happens is – Every time I am bothered with time running by quickly, I can not put this to an end, out of my head to be precise. All I can manage to do is put it on hold until it slips out for a few weeks, only to come back to it when triggered by some events like in this case – semester end. But, something else has been bothering me for the past few days. Guilt. I feel like I have wasted my abilities. Permanently. Let’s not talk about that right now. Maybe sometime later. I have one full month of December to figure that out.

On the contrary, I am thinking about doing nothing but refreshing my  mind by trying my something else. Like say driving. Yes, ever since I went to college, I never really got time to learn driving. Sure thing on my to do list this month. I might also seriously start practicing for ICPC from now on, or maybe we will leave this for new year resolutions :P. See, like always this post turned out to be messed up – sprinkled with things I have in mind, but none in detail. It seems improving my writing skills should be my first priority. I owe my (few!) readers at least this much.

BTW, I just checked the my NSS hours on their website. The hour counter has suddenly gone up from 52.5 to 125.5. Who else could beat that score! Turns out that I got 70 hours for the summer intern. I was told the max limit was 50. Better over than under! I know the math does not add up! I am not sure why. Maybe I got some miscellaneous hours too. Anyways! The bottom line is I can safely bid adieu to NSS, which reminds me of my school farewell which was when I first read “Adieu” written on the stage. Before I start blabbering, I better sign off.

Anyways, I sincerely hope you enjoy your vacations 🙂


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