The Big Bang Theory Fever

Finally, I have completed all the 7 seasons of The Big Bang Theory.

You see, watching a show for several hours a day spanning over weeks of time tend to make you feel an integral part of the show. As soon as I finished watching the seventh season, I felt a strange sense of emptiness, and it was very real like something important was missing. That’s funny since I didn’t even give a shit about this show a month back and suddenly I care for it so much. Fortunately, I am sane enough to get over this sense of pseudo-involvement with the show and move on. Though I must confess it took me three days to do so.

Anyways, contrary to most people, my favorite character in the show was not Sheldon. I do understand that his presence in the show is inevitable and without him, the show would not be the same but I personally, loved the character of Howard Wolowitz. He had great comic timings and a queer yet funny sense of humor 😀

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