Catching up!

I have not written anything in a while. I was completely occupied with this N Ball-Collision screensaver assignment of design practices course. Though it was a great learning experience, but investing 100+ hours of coding for an assignment of a 3 credit course makes me feel like an exploited laborer. I have a lot to catch up now. Lets start with some sleep 😛

1. I am running out of things to write about. Don’t worry I’ll be back with my awesomeness soon 😉
2. Evanescence is awesome. If you haven’t heard of them, thank me later.
3. I have now seen both the parts of GoW. Okay.
4. I wanted to write a lot more. Mental inertia at its peak.

One Comment Add yours

  1. pseudomonaz says:

    “My immortal” by Evanescence made me cry… 😦


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