Something to miss

I have grown increasingly inactive since the past two months. I don’t feel like putting down insides of my head in text. But I must write, to prevent this blog from going into the same rusty state that my bicycle from freshman year is currently in and also for myself – to reinforce things in my head and let out the things that I can’t explicitly express.
I have a lot to say but where should I start from after this long a pause?

Today after suffering an acute stomach ache which had also bothered me yesterday, I have decided to cut down the junk I put down my food pipe and eat healthy and regularly. By healthy, I mean reducing the late night chicken burgers, paranthas and maggi umm.. not maggi  and by regularly I mean not skipping meals because the I don’t like the dish prepared. You see at home, you are kept in check on both the above parameters. Your mom makes you eat the dish she has prepared (at any cost) and never lets you skip a meal. Living in a hostel tends to make one lazy and casual towards ones own needs and health. This is when I miss my own sweet home. But then I realize that a hostel has its own perks too 😉 Either way, you miss out on something. Hope I keep up with my ahem ahem.. healthy lifestyle. That was a real cough by the way, I have had a bad throat for the past 4 days. I might as well ask you to take care of yourself.

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