When things feel creepy

All my life, numerous people have told me that I shouldn’t bother correcting petty mistakes in spellings or grammar. I’ve always refuted them mostly by pointing out that these things are important. But now, I’ll admit hands down that sometimes other things at hand are more important when I couldn’t help but notice a grammatical error in a sentence of some ad on the radio, when I was driving on a National Highway. In the ad, a guy was offering a ride to a girl with the following sentence – “Can I offer you a lift?”.

1. If you didn’t get what the hell all this fuss is about, I envy you.
2. If you identify with PS #1, he is already making the offer for which he is asking the permission. Moreover a correct way of asking for permission would have been something like – “May I …”.
3. Okay, explaining it made it all the more creepy for sure.

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