On Ghosts

/* This post has been stolen from an interesting answer on Quora. You can find it here.*/

When I was in my 12th grade, our physics professor asked us once.
“Those of you who believe in ghosts – raise your hands.”

A few people, after much looking around, raised their hands apprehensively, for they knew that they faced the possibility of being laughed at. Lets say only 5 out of 60 openly claimed they believed in supernatural occurrences. Most of us, who didn’t raise our hands, believed the professor’s question to be a rhetorical one, since he taught us ‘science’ and paranormal defies science. Looking at the few raised hands, he smiled. He then went on to narrate a hypothetical scenario, which, upon giving some thought to, made the existence of ghosts as plausible as anything else.

Consider this – two ants walking one behind the other. Now, assume that the ants have two dimensional vision – that is, they can view the xy plane comfortably, but can’t move their heads up or down to view the z axis. Now suppose A2 finds out that there’s a way to flex his neck muscles in a way that he can perceive (something he’s never done in his entire life) an extra dimension called ‘height’ (as tangible as the two dimensional space he’s been used to existing in). So he looks up and sees a world he’s never been introduced to before. Of course, A1 has no clue whatsoever. Now, A2 also realizes that it can make use of this new-found dimension by jumping. So it jumps. And where does it jump to? Right in front of A1.

This particular action of A2 jumping in front of A1 is of utmost importance in this hypothesis. What is A2’s action to A2 himself? Nothing – just a damn jump in three dimensional space. On the other hand, what is A2’s action to A1? A rift in two dimensional space, for A1 would seem to have appeared out of nowhere. To A1 (most of mankind), A2’s action seems supernatural. But A2 (those few who find a way to transcend into higher dimensions of existence – like certain yogics for instance) knows that there was absolutely nothing supernatural about the jump he just made. Similarly, we humans have taken for granted that the four tangible dimensions (space + time) are the only tangible dimensions.

There might be more dimensions we might be unaware of. Is it possible that we might have vulgarized the term ‘ghosts’ much more than we should have? What if these ‘ghosts’ or ‘apparitions’ are actually signs of dimensions we cannot touch or feel in the state we’ve conditioned our bodies and minds to exist in, but might become perceivable upon certain ‘modifications’ of the mind and body?

Going by this theory, ‘ghosts’ as a concept becomes easy to grasp. So does the idea of ‘slipping into a higher state of being’ that yogics and gurus keep speaking of so often.

PS: In case you didn’t know, iSheep is the term for obsessive Apple fans.

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