Ghamandi Lassi & other things

6:00 PM

Exactly 196 hours ago, I was in the new lecture hall complex of IIT-D, scribbling my way through the bizarre Programming Languages’ major paper (read as final exam). Exactly 166 hours ago, I was playing Counter Strike against the bots on Chetak Express, about 154 hours ago I was 700 km away from home and about a day and a half ago, we were pushing a dead Honda Activa alongside the road at 10: 00 AM under the Rajasthani sun and by we, I mean mostly Akshit. Let me cut this awful narration.

If you who don’t know about it, I along with Sumit, Akshit and Jeetu from my college are doing an internship at a Udaipur based start up called SLFN which bluntly put – aims to build a chat based bot application Niki, better than Siri. To put it briefly, after struggling through the week, I have adjusted here just fine now; Udaipur seems like a nice place to spend your vacations. Work-wise, there is a lot to learn – working with APIs, Machine Learning, Language Processing using a host of new technologies. But, then there is whole list of things I am keen on doing highlight of which is swimming which I haven’t done since class 8th. So all in all, this summer can be ultracool if I somehow manage through tiffin food, arbitrary power cuts and pot water with a queer taste.
Fight, Johnny! Survival matters.

PS: Yes, I saw Bombay Velvet recently. Regardless of what everyone says, it was awesome in my opinion!

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