Purpose of Starfish Arena

Different people blog at different platforms, of different things and in different styles. Some write about travel or politics, some write sarcastic humor or fiction like poems, and some just keep their blog like their diary. Hold on, why am I writing this like a dull essay from a boring English class?

A few people who know about it have always wondered about the purpose of this blog right after giving in to its name. Starfish Arena isn’t a useful blog in a conventional sense. For I hardly write anything of substance here. Nor is it a blog full of sarcastic cartoons that’d make you roll on the floor laughing, although I do manage to pull a few witty one liners once in a while ;). Top it up with the fact that I have not shared this blog even with the people in my immediate circle, barring a handful. But I assure you that it won’t be this way forever and over time, I’ll be more open and this blog will be more open – to more people, once it takes its form. But that is in the future.


I like to believe that I write for myself – writing regularly about my thoughts makes it easier for me to articulate and express whatever is on my mind and I am able to trap my mental state across time. When I look at my posts, they give me a summary – how my thoughts or desires or insecurities have evolved over time. But you see, I’d be lying if I say that I solely write for myself for there is no need for this blog to be public by that reason.

The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that this blog isn’t as much for me as it is for you – the one reading this post right now, or rather for us – to be able to relate and connect to each other. It doesn’t matter whether we know / do not know each other. We may never see each other during the course of our lifetimes or we may be going go to the same lecture together – that is irrelevant. But my posts give you a peek into my life and for a few transient moments make you an important part of it. Will you make me a part of yours?

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  1. pseudomonaz says:

    I loved reading your blog… and I can relate to it, especially to the days when I was myself in college. I actually read it from the first post…that gives you an idea about how jobless I am..hehe. 🙂 But I have done the same thing for all the blogs I found interesting since all those years that I have been blogging.Keep writing… somewhere down the line you are gonna be surprised about how far you have come since the day you shared that interesting poem as your first post. 🙂


    1. Believe me, not as much as I am surprised by the fact that you somehow managed to read through all the posts which vastly comprise of soulless ones. 😀 Thanks for making me a part of yours 🙂

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      1. pseudomonaz says:

        I like reading blogs and you didn’t have that many posts… sometimes I have read 4-5 year old blogs… so, this was nothing. 🙂 I loved what I read… I only wished there were more posts… Do write more often. Writing is never soulless. 🙂


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