Lady Luck

If you were to ask me, how to determine if you are lucky? I’d say –

If you’ve not seen a single one of the worst movies of all time (IMDb), you’re NOT unlucky.

If you have a family – parents or sibling(s) who love you unconditionally and a few close friends, you are lucky for sure.

And if your crush has a crush back at you, you’re really very lucky.

And if among 7 point some billion people of which you’ve interacted with about 0.002%, you’ve found someone who satisfies the previous point and you’re totally yourself and comfortable with, you gotta rub some of your luck on me. Seriously.

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  1. pseudomonaz says:

    I haven’t watched any of those movies. Yay!!! I am lucky. 🙂
    But none of my crushes had a crush on me except one guy who probably started liking me after I kinda announced my crush to the whole world. 😉
    Mutual crushes are hard to find. I never liked any guy who had crush on me.. I dont know how these things work. But you hang in there… sometimes you find love/crush in the unlikeliest of places. 🙂


    1. Are you sure? There are some popular Hindi movies in it too. 😛
      Well, that’s what a friend of mine experienced and told me about a month ago!


  2. Nupur says:

    If you don’t mind, may you justify the title ‘Lady’ luck?


    1. ‘Lady Luck’ is just a fancy word for chance personified as a controlling power in human affairs. Kind of has a nice ring to it. Doesn’t it?
      By the way, I am glad you dropped in. Welcome to Starfish Arena 😀
      Also, I don’t understand why I am unable to visit your blog.

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      1. Nupur says:

        Oh..that sounded interesting. I am really sorry you couldn’t visit my blog. I think I had added too many tags but now I have fixed the problem. Please try once again and tell me if you can now visit my blog now.


        1. Nope. The page says -‘ is no longer available. The authors have deleted this site.’


          1. Nupur says:

            Oh…I have changed that to

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