Ice Breaker

If you’ve interacted with me personally during the times when I have something meaningful or important to say to you, you’d understand how words elude me. I can see the overall idea, but am unable to phrase it out as a sentence. Not surprisingly, that always happens when I try to write some meaningful post here. And once in a blue moon, I do manage to put something down here anyway. I guess tonight is the night of that blue moon. How about I open a separate post for the actual writing?

I don’t understand why do I even put up this fight and write even when I do not like writing.

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  1. pseudomonaz says:

    :/ :/ :/ you think too much before writing. It’s like “work” for you. Relax, breathe, open up a new page and let go.I have heard so many stories of your college from your seniors. Nayi kahaniyan sunao yaar…


    1. I know. But within minutes of opening a new post after this one, I dozed off and I was outdoors for complete these two days. Where does one draw the line between reasons and excuses? 😛


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