Blogger Recognition Award

Now, I’ve never really understood the concept of awards on WordPress, primarily because I was never nominated for one. That was until a fellow blogger – Aditi Arora nominated me for the ‘Blogger Recognition Award‘. You should definitely check out her blog – Kalakaari. I am still amazed by one of her posts, in which she teaches you how to convert your leggings into a top! (Damn! I feel girlish telling this enthusiastically.) Since no one wins these awards anyway, I am gonna digress the rules passed onto to me a little ๐Ÿ˜‰

1) Post an image of the award. You may skip this if you feel images make your post unnecessarily long and make it appear like a spam.
2) Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
3) Briefly explain how your blog got started.
4) Give a piece of advice to fellow bloggers? Share any 5 awesome posts that come to your mind.
5) Nominate fifteen(15)ย 10 more bloggers to receive the award, and notify them.

I’d like to nominate 10 of the most awesome blogs I happen to know of. Do check them out.

1) Chauhan Shayari – A nice Hindi poetry blog with poems usually being about lost love.

2) Estimating Infinity – Posts are usually poems. Altough, Srishti mentioned in an earlier award post that she doesn’t usually do awards but since she did it that time, what’s once more, right?.

3) Little Rants – A daily life rant blog, hence very appropriately named. You’ll be able to connect with the author very easily.

4) LifeEventsObservation – A blog whose posts make you think about society. I personally feeel it would help make a better connection if some posts in the future are
about the author too.

5) Melatika ๐Ÿ™‚ – The posts are nice and beautiful but very rare.

6) An Armchair Perfectionist – Like you’ve not already visited it!

7) Thoughts of a Troubled Mind – I am unable to describe this blog. Its themes vary.

8) THATNOBRAINERGIRL – A relatively new and shaping blog. I loved the latest post.

9) Toodletales – Filled with works of fiction, sometimes posts on personal life too. Although, I must confess that I often don’t get the most popular – Wee Tales.

10) poemhobby – A great poetry blog with variety of themes.

Totally worth checking out:ย pseudomonaz – I’m not really sure are into the awards trend very much! If I’m wrong, do propagate this award.

Task –
a) I happened to come across some of the best blogs on the internet. My head was fuzzy, I wanted to store my mental state across time and I realized that blogs were the best way. So, I created a blog on Blogger, did four or give posts but then shifted to WordPress because of better display flexibility. I wrote silently, without following anyone for about a year before I realized that there were very talented bloggers around me and I could learn a lot from them. I wanted to find people who can relate and connect to me, which I did but I also end up findingย people with whom I could relate and connect to.

b) The Golden Lightย | Attachment | Emotions, emotions | Fallen in love a million times | To the future LP

1) If you were thinking that I forgot Rule 2, I did not. Thank You, Aditi.
2) Now, since I have skipped the image, if you want to post it, you’d have to visit Aditi’s blog who has nominated me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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