Diwali Material

10:57 PM
11th November 2015

There still time before Diwali ends, so if you’re an enthusiast, I hope you had a great time and an awesome Diwali and if you’re one of the lazy ones like me, I hope you caught up on your sleep (with your mom taunting at you how you should be helping her instead). Anyways, I am falling more and more in love with chill-step (genre of) music. Your Diwali gift? There you go.

It’s funny how earlier, I’d have to nag my dad to get crackers and now, since the past 2-3 years even when I (and my sister) insist on not getting them, we always end up burning some with our relatives & cousins. And all I can think of during that time is how one of these days into the future, when things won’t be the same anymore, I’ll reminisce about these times and memories. I swing my फुलझड़ी and look around myself in daze, trying to glue the pictures in front of me inside my head, but I know, they’ll all fade away someday, like memories from my earlier years; as if they never happened.

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  1. Could totally relate to the crackers thing. I myself have not been buying crackers for years, but always end up lighting one or two with my toddler cousins, who melt me down with their “Please??”

    Must say, it does feel good. 🙂

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    1. I bet they take your chocolates too. 😛

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  2. Well… Its the other way round.. I buy them each a BIIG box of chocolates for Diwali, half of which is then finished by us older cousins. 😉
    The cute part being those toddlers are more than willing to share coz they think there is enough for all. Courtesy- The BIIG box (wink!)

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