I’ve repeated this over & over and yet I dismiss from my mind that – the best thing about Starfish Arena for me is that it helps me trap my experiences across time. I realized as I was going through my last 20 posts that none of them capture even the slightest essence of what I’ve been up to.

There is not an iota of trace of my major exams (semester end papers) or anything I did after them. There is no indication that I won the 90 % attendence bet or how the movie Tamasha let me down a little. There’s no clue about me & Akshit working from home on the Language Modeling Project and no comment on how the unlimited drink refills lured us into Carl’s Jr. with their tasty burgers, okay onion rings, cold substandard fries and filthy peach flavored iced tea which still had some undissolved tea powder in it. Nothing said on how I’m thinking of resuming playing piano or about my couple day visit to the old age home either. There’s no elaborate blog post for the things I did in or took away from the fifth semester or how I realized that how finding true love is nothing short of a fuckin’ miracle. Let alone mentioning about the cool ‘Ray-ban’ sunglasses I got from Palika Bazaar for Rs. 90. Even fewer of those 20 posts capture the way I was feeling. I’ve so far written 3 posts since my exams started and this month-long semester break is about to end.

The 80–20 rule estimates that around 80% of results come from about 20% of the causes. So counting this one in, 8 more posts for my vacations can still be written in the next 6 days of the time remaining.

And I’m in love with this song again!

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  1. ….Waiting for posts which capture all that you have been up to. 🙂

    P.S : Fray is amazing. Love their songs.. A lot. lot lot lot lot.
    Another P.S : Might not be the season for it, but do check out the song “Rainy Zurich” by them. I promise you won’t regret it. (y)


    1. I love it. Infact – I don’t think there’s any song from them that I’ve not heard. My any day favourite is – Look After You.

      P. S. Most people haven’t heard extremely underrated ones like Heaven Forbid and Syndicate. Have you?


  2. Pratyusha says:

    lovely song :).
    Just go with the flow 🙂
    Dont think of topics you want to write on.
    When you are inspired to write.
    Do it :):D


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