If there’s something I’ve taken from my college, it’s the ability of working under pressure. That might have been good if I had not gone ahead and developed the ability to work only under pressure.

And since this implies that I won’t be writing anything without being pressurized, I’ve decided to write some posts every now and then by keeping a fixed timer. I’ll put down whatever comes to my mind for this span of time, giving you a blueprint of my thought process. This being the very first post, so let’s set the timer at 30 mins, okay? Go.

I don’t know where to start from. Let me brief you up with the events of past couple months. I ordered a Lenovo K4 Note from Amazon before Minor 1 exams. It arrived after about a couple weeks and got stolen within 3 hours (with the matte screen guard I had just got on it) in Nehru Place.  This was the first time I was pick-pocketed and if you’re one of those (like me) who think that since this has never happened to you in the past, it won’t happen in the future, you might wanna reevaluate your beliefs.

Okay, what more? I started watching House of Cards after Minor 2 which isn’t gripping me for some reason and I’m thinking of abandoning it in it’s first season itself. Anyway, I was really moved by a dialogue of Kevin Spacey which said that we are nothing more, nor less than what we choose to reveal of ourselves. I’m not the same person around my sister as I am with my Friend A. And I’m not the same person around my Friend A as I am with my Friend B. It’s not that I’m an entirely different person around each one but, I can see that there are changes. I am sure that you can relate too and I wonder if we can get around that.

Eight minutes remaining! And I still have a lot to say. Anyhow, I’ve decided (yet again) to not put off my health anymore and feel (yet again)that this time, I will not break the streak of consistently going for an evening run or the gym. Let’s see how this works out from a month from now.

The day before yesterday which was Saturday, when I was home, my father took dragged me to two seminars. The one which was in the morning was about stock market investing. It was a really awesome to learn or get a glimpse of how Warren Buffet has been beating the stock market for over a decade and how Mutual Funds can never make money in the long run and how we as investors can increase our returns in the long run if we just buy the index in a weighted proportion.

And the other was of a philosophical thinker named Sadhguru in the evening. Damn, time’s up so let’s extend this for 15 more minutes, after all I am the timekeeper here. Honestly, when I looked at him, I didn’t think he could even read. Turns out not only he can converse in English with a voice full of expressions, he can drive race cars and helicopters too. My bad, I must stop prejudging people. Anyway, I did agree with his line of thought to some extent and some of his ideas.

You know there’s something else on my mind too but I don’t think that there’s time enough to put that down since will take about the length of this post itself to write about it. It will have it’s separate post someday.

My hands are still pink from Holi that was four days ago. I wonder why they always end up pink no matter what color you play with? Anyway, Holi this year was a dynamite and I don’t think that I’ll forget this one for a long time to come.

Damn, I’m digressing a lot. But since this post is already sprinkled with randomness, let me deviate a little more again. I am really starting to feel old these days, in the sense that I am looking back into past more than towards future. I unable to evaluate if I’ve always been this way.

I promised a friend to go running with him today and he’ll be in my room anytime now. So, I’ve got to go.

Hope Team India wins the WC and that you’ve had an awesome Holi too! 😀

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