I wanted to write this post last year exactly on the same date – June 5th but ended up thinking too much and writing nothing. And so this post is exactly one year late. This date never slips out from my mind and I don’t know whether that is because today is World Environment Day or because it’s your birthday, since I learnt that June 5th is both these days a long time back in 2005 and I can’t really be very sure now.

2005 reminds me of this story that we read in our textbook – ‘After 20 Years’ by O. Henry which really touched me when I first read it. I don’t know if you have any memory of the fact that I was the one who urged you to read it even before it was covered in class. But, anyhow except for the difference in number of years which is 10, I can’t help but notice the close resemblance between the story’s characters and the state we both are in.

I don’t We don’t know what the other one has grown into or how different from the one we knew long ago. We’ve grown apart so much in these 10 years so much that we have absolutely no idea of what’s up in each other’s lives. I guess this blog will help bridge some of the gap from my end, although I’m not sure how often and for how much longer will I keep posting here. And if we do meet someday, I don’t know what the situation will be like. But, it’ll be unlike anything I can imagine.


By the way, I’ve never really told this to anyone or you but I’ll tell you this on your special day that if it wouldn’t have been for you, I’d still have been that careless asshole with no inclination towards cricket or studies and in all probability would have screwed up my entire school life ahead. So, here’s something I owe you – Thank You for being a part of my life even if it wasn’t for as long as I’d have liked and for teaching me how to bowl off-cutters using tennis balls.

Happiest Birthday to you, buddy! Wish you have an awesome life ahead. 😀

P.S. So, yes this link to Starfish Arena is your birthday gift. You’ve just earned yourself an exclusive post. And it’s not that bad. Or is it? 😛

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  1. Pratyusha says:

    Happy birthday to your friend 🙂

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