Paradigm Shift

Let’s skip the too-long-no-post pleasantries. It’s 5:06 AM and I’m as awake as a rat chased back to it’s hole by a cat.

Of late, I’ve written as many posts as the ant crawling below my 6 ft. x 2 ft. hostel bed and because of which there was no deeply-introspective-post on my birthday like last year, no more soulless posts about what I’ve been up to lately or excruciating details of my existence.


I think it’s time for a paradigm shift for this blog. The purpose of this blog was to write relatable content people could identify with and connect to. However, that requires me to put up my thoughts which I seldom do if not never at all. So from now on, I’ll be writing more often and content which has some substance and *whispers slowly to let you in on a secret* maybe even collaborate with someone to oil up this rusty old blue scooter.

Let’s see how that works out.

1) My reader feed is so dry these days. Why aren’t enough people writing these days?

2) Don’t roll your eyes with the first-go-back-and-check-your-own-blogging-frequency look. I have always said I do not like writing unlike other bloggers who say they love it.

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