On a Sine Wave

I just watched Elon Musk and Sal Khan’s (of Khan Academy) conversation and I had a feeling which is very difficult to sculpt into words. The feeling is partially amazement – on seeing them working so earnestly towards things that they believe in. The feeling is partially humbling – when I consider how insignificant most of the things I do are like writing this post. The feeling is partially inspiration – to create something that positively affects or attempts to affect humanity at a global scale. The feeling is partially guilt – when I look at how I sqander away my time. The feeling is partially wonder – is there even a slightest chance that I’ll ever do or be able to do something remotely as such. The feeling saddens me a little because I know that it will pass and at exactly the same time tomorrow, I’ll still be right where I am right now.

Published by Sidharth

Hey! You have somehow managed to dig into the profile of a nearly 20 guy called Sidharth from New Delhi. /* Shameless advertising alert. */ If you want to know even more about him, you may wanna visit his blog - Starfish Arena on WordPress.

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