Cult followers of my blog would remember this post I wrote sometime back for an old friend who I had not met in 11 years – after his family shifted to Jaipur from Delhi. We used to wish each other on birthdays virtually, but were practically strangers. People change with time and more so when they’re growing up. We had no idea of what each other had grown into. The bottom line is that we met about a week ago – 18th Feb if you’re into details, and things went down pretty smoothly. There were no awkward silences or what’s ups. We bonded incredibly and 8 hours flew by in a heartbeat.

Correct me if I am wrong but I’ve observed in order to be close friends with someone, you need some form of a glue which forces the two of you to interact over a period of time – like in the above situation, our old friendship did the job. Another example could be sharing a room with someone for some time or working on a project or an event together. There are some exceptions, sure – not all room mates turn out to be great friends and people with common interests and nature are drawn closer without any external glue. Come to think of it, shared interests or nature would be the glue in that case.

But the situation starts to suck if you don’t find a glue while there’s still time. Back when I was in school, my crush slipped out of my loving arms due to lack of glue. Well okay, it was due to me being a gutless chicken here. However, in some situations, lack of glue can take a toll. Classic example is coming across someone whom we’d like to know better but don’t have any glue to interact longer, subsequently feeling helpless like a turtle on its back. Universal example would be losing touch with friends after college since you don’t have any college to glue you up together and slowly you fall apart as if you never knew each other.

You could try and get better at finding the right glues and they do work, but they will run out eventually. Only shamelessly calling your friends for no reason or approaching that interesting person seems to do trick. Tried and tested.

1. A lot is going on my mind and things start to get messy. I ended up creating drafts for 2 more posts as I was writing this one.

2. Writing isn’t as easy as I make it seem. *And someone is rolling their eyes!*

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