Abouts & Contact Me

Hi! You have somehow landed on Starfish Arena which is about a nearly 20 20 21 22 23 24 year old guy called Sidharth from New Delhi. He is was a student majoring in Computer Science and it so happens that both quality and timings of his blog posts are irregular. And by the way, he has a rich taste in music and an awesome sense of humor.

Why this blog was created? – Purpose of Starfish Arena
Why is his writing irregular? – My Lame? Excuses
What’s the best he can do? – The Last Teenage Post

If you aren’t one of those (un)fortunate people who happen to know him personally, you are welcome to get in touch with him from either of the links below. He would (probably) love talking to you. And on the off-chance that you liked this blog more than a rat’s ass, make sure to tell him about it!

10 thoughts on “Abouts & Contact Me

  1. I found this page very ‘suna suna’,so I had to make a comment!
    You are hilarious and very honest about it!I loved reading your blog and hope it’s as amazing everytime I click on ‘Starfish Arena” 😀


        1. You have cool content on your blog and I totally agree with you on all points in the Arranged Marriage post. I guess this should go under that post, not here.

          And well, like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, humor lies in the wits of the listener. 😀

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the follow! Your blog seems really interesting too! I (un)fortunately haven’t had the pleasure of making your acquaintance personally, so follow your blog I shall *insert Yoda throwing a fist pump into the air*.


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